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The valuation profession has changed significantly since Metropolitan Valuation Services was founded in 1996. Major institutions are outsourcing more and more valuation work in both the public and private sectors, technology has advanced rapidly, and clients are demanding ever higher quality reports, delivered faster and more efficiently.

Although we started out as only a small valuation practice, we’ve kept pace with that change. Even driven it.

Our vision was always to provide the highest quality valuation services available to the financial sector, and a new way of delivering valuation services. In 1999 we launched a comprehensive web-based valuation system that communicated live with several lenders. By 2003 we had offices in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane, and a number of affiliated companies across Australia. And in 2004, we re-branded to MVS National.

Today, we’re one of the largest companies of our type. We have more than 125 valuers over a massive geographic area, so we’re capable of accepting briefs almost anywhere in Australia. In almost any sector too. Our valuers are experienced in commercial, specialist, residential, prestige and statutory valuations.

Just as importantly, we’ve continued to develop new technologies. Those currently under development will seize upon the vast array of electronic information now available to revolutionise the provision of broad scale valuation services.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we neglect the traditional way of doing things. To the contrary, we invest in extensive internal training to teach the tried-and-tested skills to the new generation of valuers.


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