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MVS National has been at the forefront of industry technology since it’s commencement in 1996. Since then we have been committed to developing technology that enables our people to excel and deliver superior service delivery.

In February 2013, MVS National launched a new Valuation Management platform known as HORiiZEN. This valuation management tool leverages the latest architecture, software and hardware to provide efficient and integrated valuation workflow management connecting all MVS National offices and valuers across Australia. It also ensures the highest level of data security and facilitates benchmark levels of quality control across our entire valuation process. .

HORiiZEN uses the latest IOS/Android mobile & tablet technology to keep our valuers connected by providing real time access to valuation information, up to date sales evidence and the latest property research. It also serves as a data collection tool and enables infield valuation report generation. MVS National’s technology reflects a commitment to meet and exceed industry standards and benchmarks while seeking innovation and thought leadership in a dynamic and competitive industry environment.


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